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President Dr. S. R. Bharti, Shri Datta Prasrak mandal

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Principal Prof. R. M. Tated, L.R.B.A.C. and S.S.R.B.S. College

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College Establishment

In 1984, with inspiration of our former president Late Shri-Rajkamlji Bharti, Arts, Commerce & Science College, came into existence. It opened corridor of higher education for all students in Arni, Maharashtra.

College Events

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College Vision & Mission

⦿ College Vision

The vision of our institution reflects from the watchword ‘Vidhaya Amrutam Ashrutey’ which broadly implies that knowledge uplifts those who grope in ignorance, and guides them towards the right path of bright future.

Knowledge, secured by education helps forever and makes possible to attain even the most impossible things like ambrosia.

⦿ College Mission

The mission of the institution is to raise the academic, social and cultural standards of the students from the rural and tribal areas and to bring them in the mainstream of education and help them in their overall development.

College Objectives

• To provide the facility of higher education.

• To encourage students to develop their reading and writing skills.

• To make students aware of self-discipline, confidence, values, rights, and liabilities.

• To promote activities necessary for the overall development of the students to face the challenges of the competitive world.

• To create an equal opportunity for all students.

• To empower girl students from the rural area through education

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