From that day forward I’d be forced to wear a mask

Operating during non holidays, Flower Central regularly staffs nine employees. During holidays Nygaard said she fluctuates due to high demand. To meet the needs of the customers, she employs 16 workers to have more hands available for deliveries and curbside assistance.For example, in the week of Mother Day, she had six vans running concurrently each day to help deliver to customers.Following strict guidelines during the pandemic, Flower Center has limited the shop to two to three customers inside at a time.

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Or perhaps it would be because one day on a visit to, say, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I’d be strolling among the re created teahouses on one of the upper floors when, unbeknownst to me, trundling down on a spindly silver thread unspooling from its bottom, a tiny coron arachnid would find purchase on my folded arms, crawl up my sleeve, and unfurl two pincers from its mouth to puncture my skin. I’d absent mindedly squash the creature, its paste spilling down to my wrist, and later, I’d ignorantly touch it with my fingers before running my hand across my face, glazing myself with the virus. From that day forward I’d be forced to wear a mask hiding the mutated pincers that formed as a result of the bite.

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